More of the Same Letra



More of the Same (Letra/Lyrics)

The speech doesn't reach
The killing doesn't fix
That a few men force us to take
No one is free from the fate
Over paid and over weight

Ill heart that can't love no more
The whole state closing down it's doors
Population does not stop creating

We are all lost
All lost
Our path is filled with no end
What will become

You're just a part of the game
It's just more of the same
We lost our hope in you

False words deceive and lie
Bleeding pages from the paper
Can't wash your hands

It's just more of the same
We lost our trust in you
You're just a part of the game

You cowards, back stabbers, no truth from you

The words are clear
For those who care
Never thought it could mean so much
For those who care
You're the ones who created all the fear
Our minds were closed for most of our lives

You're the ones who deny we're all here
I think it's time to open our eyes

Always seemed so real
Controlling what we feel
Exercise our right to make it right
You never thought it could happen this way

You're just a part of the gameIt's just more of the same

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