Once there was a time,
Darker than the human mind,
The old man told me

If there was a light
It cried a while before it died,
It died away

That night he told me of the darkest time
With his own eyes he had witnessed this crime

Once there was a place
Before it was a realm of grace,
Not far from here

Ruined, raped and murdered,
Sunken deep to dark despair
Sky covered in glowing clouds

Lasting night and winter,
Fatal atmosphere

Is there no end to this tragedy, how many tears?
This darkest time laughs at divinity
This darkest time laughs at your fears

Once there was a war
Of a kind never seen before,
Poor stupid mankind

Brother killing brother
Rulers crying out for more
Always more

From distant swords lands wet with blood
Games of slaughter death the only goal

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