There's pain within,
I can't define
Inside, within, inside,
Ill healthy I feel

When your inmost yields
And you fall
Deeper and deeper into grief
For each breath you take

Dark dresses my pale skin
Cold shivers down my spine
I have lost hope
Of loving a day of life
Has fallen from me
I'm rotting inside
Sickening conditions
Frightening reflections
...feeling divine!!! dim the light in me... nothing...
...all ending...

[solo: P.Lindroos & K.Ranta]

Sleeping well in my killing bed
Staring blind around -
Am I slipping away?
In the hollow decorating my grave
Begging please...
Disconnect the pain

When you're going blind
From your tears
And you wander deeper
And deeper into sorrow
For each step you take
And your feet won't carry
You no more
And you sink deeper
And deeper into misery
And you'll soon be...dead dim the light in me... nothing...
...all ending...

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