I'm So Hood - G-Unit

I'm So Hood


Letra, canción


'I'm So Hood'

[50 Cent]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Little Tyrone Toddy gettin' his ass whipped so he holdin' that gat down
His momma think it's my fault cause he listen to back down
Bobby was a fucking bum he pumpin' ? now
He keeps her fresh chicks white T's and fitted hats now
Uncle Rock-a-whiner we won't put the yack down
Erica the jump shop but he's smoking crack now
The Lunatics the Lost Boys cheap shit is wack now
Country boots shrowden crackers got him on his back now
And Sean runnin' round with his gat now
Up in niggaz cribs sayin' where that money at pound
And Saundra from BK I seen her out in Houston
That bitch travel the world she runnin' round boostin'
And Toya got these bad ass kids they a nusince
Their baby daddy's never come around they useless
Everynow and then I come through on some new shit
Pearly white six and some chrome deuce deuce.

[Chorus: x2 50 Cent]
I'm so hood, I can't help it
I'm so hood, I can't help it
Love me for being me
Cause I can't change it can't rearrange it I am what I am.
So love me for being me.

[50 Cent]
Now I'ma six man momma told me god don't like ugly
I fell scraped my face and thought god must don't love me
So Owen every morning before he sell dope
Niggas keep whoopin' that ass cause he sell soap.
Charlie be beggin' all the time he stay broke
Flip be down on 109 rollin' up smoke
Chamie he a thief catch a stunt in a stolen car
He that nigga that you call when you crash and need new parts
They say they love me because I rap now but they don't like me
I've been locked up 3 times and they ain't write me
Stevey a pump fucker with Shanqua get mean quick
Pop shots at you he sure must suck a mean dick
The blocks hot D's jump out on us almost all the time
They watch us from the building but niggas still be on the grime
Wade used to call the cops and tell them G had a nine
Till G put that gunning down that ?