Canción 'Family Tree' del disco 'Youthanasia' interpretada por Megadeth

Family Tree Letra


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FAMILY TREE es una canción de Megadeth que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Youthanasia.

Letra 'Family Tree'

Forgotten things remembered
The tigers eat their young
The body stayed but inside the head
The mind was on the run
Conspiracy of silence
The only way out of pain
Is turn around and run through it man
Too wet to come in from the rain,
Tell them...
I know they were doing it to you
But don't try doing it to me
Let me show you, how I love you
It's our secret, you and me
Let me show you how I love you
But keep it in the family tree...
The secret of the family tree
When you hear them saying \"Trust me\"
Don't wait to see what's next
Thrown to the wolves
Forever trusting
Raised in a form of living Hell
Sing a one note song of rage
Live and die within your heart
So beware in the shadows
Your family tree waits in the dark
I say...

Sobre Family Tree

  • Esta es una canción líricamente sobre el abuso familiar, posiblemente físico, probablemente sexual, más bien ambos. Oscura y perturbadora en su contenido lírico, la música encaja en el mismo estado de ánimo.