Mr. Serv-On

[featuring big punisher]

[mr. serv on]
Shh....terror squad.
Ha ha ha no limit.
You know you don fuc*** up right?
Ha ha pun.
S e r uh v.
Nigga what up what up huh?
Nigga what?

[mr. serv on]
From ny to no motherfuc*** biggy sized
My motherfuc*** platinum nigga this is for sho
Yall don't know
Nigga pun represent terror squad i represent the tank.
Ya need to go to the drive to hustle get the small change
Nigga we got the fuc*** bank
Nigga ask p, if i ever broke rank, nigga i can't
Nigga i come to your muthafuckin town, slap the f*** out of you nigga
And surely put a tank on your chest
Who the f*** you playin with
Nigga why the f*** are ya'll scared when you see the tank around my neck
Nigga what ya'll wanna do, nigga i stay rowdy
Nigga i fuc*** up and talked about yall bout it
Yall don't know me, that's why yall can't f*** with me
I was born not to lose
And how the f*** it gon hit me between this bitch, i choose
Nigga let's play a game of family fued
One, never see my real name
Two, how the f*** you gon bounce with a nigga like me when you can't take pain
Three, it ain't nuttin, that's why i'm fuc*** with pun
Nigga so i can get my muthafuckin money, get the fuc*** job done

[big pun]
Big stun with the big guns
[mr. serv-on]
Serv-on get yo swerve on
[mr. serv-on/big pun]
New york to new orleans
Shit is doper then morphine
Hit the streets gettin more creme
Making all the hoes scream x2

[big pun]
Ey man but the hardcore created of the side of momma boritore
Why keep all the war, shit store to seperate corridors
Songs drippin the art of war, sympanies by morely more
We got it all, pore, the squad follows the protocall
Speakin of protocall, i'm the protocall, when you go to war
Cause my death count amount to war overall, so don't abort
You can't handle the rock, i'm be standing a block
If you just hand me the glock
I be the rock like enro, glock like wino
Eye bumped, when your glocked get the drop top demo
What's the problemo, dose of espanol
Anything is stutterin is pun, the da, da
No limit, scared to death, you ain't got no hair in your chest
My shit is chuck norris, you look like two bears having sex
Gots it outta here, like samson i generate my power and you outta here
I was around with two hundred bottles of beer
It ain't fair whoever said life was sweet, your wife with cheat
Everything was nice in the streets, advice of the week
Pack the biggest bottles of the pills on the shelf
And swallow the muthafuckers cause you better off killin yourselves

Chorus x2

[mr. serv on]
Nigga i done come motherfuc*** two thousand miles.
Just to make you bitch ass niggas understand.
Uh, terror squad, no limit.
Ha ha, real shit nigga.
Ha ha, soldiers, players.
This nigga here.
I got the biggest muthafuckin man on the coast nigga.
Pun nigga, you f*** alot, i blast alot.
Put that together nigga, ain't nothin but money baby.
And number one and a fifties.
You bunch of bitches.
Bitch ass niggas out there.
Craig b.


Mr. Serv-On

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