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You know you done fuc*** up right?
I got yo hoe.
I'm yo bitch nigga?

Back up off me back up off me
When i step in this bitch i wanna hear you scream

Verse 1:

Nigga hoe this
Nigga what? nigga bitch that in fact
Bigga i ain't yo' motherfuc*** hoe or yo' motherfuc*** bitch
Betta yet let's sit where all the motherfuc*** killers sit
So i can get in the middle; get rowdy push and shove
Nigga where the f*** i come from, we call it love
Nigga i'll never be caught in the back
Nigga that's where all the pretty muthafuckaz be sittin at
You know the bitches that's scared to bust back
I f*** wit drug dealers, nigga cap pealers
If i come to yo' town and you ain't got one
I'ma leave wit a million motherfuc*** killers
Tank soldiers, marchin, shit talkin
If you want me to holla at ya dawg nigga start fuc*** barkin (barking)
If you bustas bust first, and i bag shit
Or see a nigga with his hoe and you still talkin
Bitch you came to the right clique
I'm the type of nigga i don't f*** wit retaliation
Nigga i'll step in this bitch and i'll start a pistol whippin session
Ya heard me?


Rowdy is the f*** nigga
Bout it is the f*** nigga
So what the f*** you said?
Fuck you serv!
(repeat 3 times)

Back up off me, back up off me
When i step in this bitch i wanna hear you scream

(repeat 3 more times)

Verse 2:

I said i'm with no limit and y'all niggaz hate me
I f*** wit the hoez y'all wanna f*** and y'all niggaz sit
Around like some bitches and talk about me
I f*** the hoes y'all love to f***, now you ain't know that
Go head nigga dont be like no bitch nigga
Come on now talk about me; i'm a war nigga, battle ready
I'll step in the motherfuc*** ring nigga
You bad as f*** come on and test me
Cutthroat drug dealer from st. louis to miami accept me
Why the f*** y'all from the same place
And why the f*** y'all gon' sweat me?
His daddy's car, his daddy's house
I know some pregnant hoes who got some better shit to talk about
Big vi's told me killers don't talk
They just put 15 albums in the top 25 and every fuc*** music shop
And now i'm bout to add mines
And i can see it in your heart you fuc*** hate my kind
Cause i f*** wit the pound, cause i'm wit no limit
Cause i sell more records on yo' block than you did in yo' town
You best to be leavin nigga don't be mad, ease up clown
Nigga dont make me lay it fuc*** down!

Chorus: repeat until fade


Mr. Serv-On


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