I Feel Like A Bullet Letra y Canción

Elton John

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I FEEL LIKE A BULLET es una canción de Elton John del año 1975, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Rock of the Westies.


'I Feel Like A Bullet'

I feel like a bullet (in the gun of robert ford) elton john(ann orson/carte blanche)-the b-side of "grow some funk of your own". both songs received airplay and shared the peak position of #14 on the billboard chart.f.y.i.: robert ford was the man who shot outlaw, jesse jameslike a corn in a field i cut you downi threw the last punch too hardafter years of goin' steady, well i thought that it was timeto throw in my hand for a new set of cardsand i can't take you dancin' out on the weekendi figured we'd painted too much of this townand i tried not to look as i walked to my wagonand i knew then i had lost what should have been fou-ndi knew then i had lost what should have been foundchorus:and i feel like a bullet in the gun of robert fordi'm low as a paid assassin isyou know i'm cold as a hired swordi'm so ashamed, can't we patch it upyou know i can't think straight no moreyou make me feel like a bullet, honey, in the gun in the gun of robert fordlike a child when his toys have been stepped onthat's how it all seemed to mei burst the bubble that both of us lived inand i'm damned if i'll ever get rid of this guilt that i feeland if looks could kill then i'd be a dead manyour friends and mine don't call no morehell, i thought it was best but now i feel brandedbreaking up is sometimes like breakin' the lawbreaking up is sometimes like breakin' the law(chorus)(long instrumental break)(chorus)from: "david hayman" <david.hayman@das.state.oh.us>

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