Under the evening stars i walk
The smell of cool, damp earth beneath my feet
On a summer night, In the Orchard

My car is parked down, side of the road
Over the mountains, the red moon glows
Soon the summer will be over, In the Orchard

I've been to this place so many times
Down roads and rows of dreams in my mind
I'm walking through the trees, In the Orchard

Still I see it, when I close my eyes
When sleep's about to come after a restless night
I go there in my dreams, Back to the Orchard

The seasons of my lofe, I watched them pass
The blossomes of spring fall, leaving only winter's naked branch
I remember you and me, In the Orchard

As the days of youth, slip farther from my grasp
Still it haunts me, like a song i can't forget
And now frost covers the ground, In the Orchard

And when the spark of life is almost gone
The seasons slow then stop, and I'll see spring no more
It calls me into forever, In the Orchard

The seasons of my life, I watch them pass
The blossomes of spring fall, leaving only winter's naked branch;
into forever...
In the Orchard

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