Incessant Mace - Letra


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'Incessant Mace' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Ultramega OK.


So he's afraid he'll suffer his father's fate
Two sets of silverware, cups and plates
Two bloody hands and bleeding hearts yeah
But don't feel it's not too late to start

Only the photographs on your wall
Are chained and down your hall
Reminding you of all the days
When you collected hell to pay
Well hell to pay
I said it's not too late
Not it's not too late, yeah
Incessant mace
Incessant mace
Oh God I can see it, you know it's incessant mace

Uh yeah yeah
Magazine stacks and broken backs
Are what you get for piling stacks
Beneath your treasure chest?
You wonder why you're under stress
You're under stress

I said, no it's not too late, no, not too late
Yeah it's not too late
Incessant mace
Incessant mace oh yeah
Incessant mace
Incessant mace yeah
Oh God I can see it, you know it's incessant , mace, mace

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