Meg Hutchinson

Letra de la canción

I'm not having a mood
Maybe just a little blue
There's nothing you can say, and nothing you can do
Think i need to be alone
Need to find some kind of home
I know i'll be better tomorrow, i know i'll be better tomorrow

Why are we always walking two steps ahead of ourselves?
Why are our minds always ahead of our bodies?
Why is it that even in paradise there's something i don't have that i'd like?

'cause there is always a little bit missing
I want to give you everything and then
I want it all back tomorrow
I want to be, want to be your lover
And then i want to be everything other than what i am
Want to risk it all tonight and be safe again in the morning
Be safe again in the morning...

I'm not being defensive!
I've just got nothing left to give
No words could make you understand
I'm thinking in my own language again
(thinking in my own language)

Why are we always creating new destinations?
Is it the american dream or is the human condition?
It's so hard to go along for the ride
Not to be obsessed with when you'll arrive

In between every word a million things go unheard
Inside every sigh and behind every closed eye
Every breath there's something left unsaid, every day some need goes unmet

'cause there is always a little bit missing
We live in the conditional sense and wonder why we're discontent
Maybe if i, could've, should've, would've, maybe tomorrow or next year

Maybe on my birthday, or when the mortgage is paid,
If i leave him tomorrow or if he leaves me...


Meg Hutchinson
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