Metal To The Metalhead - Majesty

Metal To The Metalhead


Letra, canción


'Metal To The Metalhead'

[strophe 1:]
now the storm is coming, we're riding through the night.
when the thunder comes down, brothers shout it out loud: we rise!!
the power of heavy metal is present in our minds.
we are hearing the sound our hearts start to pound and cry.
sons of metal, join the battle!
metal to the metalheads
just for metal brothers
metal to the metalheads
don't care about the others.
metal to the metalheads
it's our damnation
metal to the metalheads
to spread it through the nations of steel!
[strophe 2:]
brothers, we are fighting, together side by side
for the glory of steel. for the might we all feel tonight.
now and forever, we will never die.
with an iron will we shall never stand still, we ride.
[repeat bridge]
[repeat chorus]
[strophe 3:]
now the metalgods unite, as we're riding through the night.
we are strong as steel.
for the glory and the might we are standing side by side.
we will never kneel.
we will always keep it true, we are playing it for you,
we will never lie.
all the enemies will fall, we crush their heads against a wall.
let all the posers die, cause we play metal!!!
United we stand

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