Paul Revere - Meg Hutchinson

Paul Revere

Meg Hutchinson

Letra, canción


'Paul Revere'

The thunder of hooves on cobblestone
mid april and the air is warm
he rides for the world that he knows
may there be a fresh horse waiting
in every town where he goes
I'm also riding in the night
centuries between us, another kind of fight
in my blood the red coats coming
how free are we in this land of plenty?
and i, heard it on the news this morning
Today's the day that paul rode
from boston to concord
to tell the minutemen of the invasion
i'm gonna ride all the way
from your house to mine and
tell my minutemen to become hours, to become days
to let this linger on
It's this pursuit of happiness
that seems to constantly pursue us
rushing towards the jingle of coins
secure in jobs we can't enjoy and i
i heard it on the news this morning
Obedient to these pale screens
so bent on having we can't be
offered life and liberty
i look around me, what does this mean?