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Ella Es
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Calle 13

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ELLA ES es una canción de Calle 13.


Ella Es (en inglés)

Plant your feet and do raice
Tumbao with that may bewitch me
cuidao you do not tread
Mommy cautiously shakes the fabric in the name of your grandmother
my canelita my azucarita , my beautiful zara
my ahuracanada tormentita my santa clara
I will not let any rare step
I'll learn you sail pa nothing happens

Here there is no knife or gun
here are many, many , many, many
pan, here is sunny much beach
many wave

Here everything is molasses
nothing pangola
I'll apintar beach blue crayon
fuimono that Vamono
I fuimono in yola
if no yola what rola seguimo
Paque , see paque
as floats your tail

When I saw made ​​me really tickle
was like having 40 ant scratching bariga
you know , you know, that you know that this estilla
I took your pants ere one catches
vamo embarrarno in a tortilla
vamo do mesclao tembleque custard
I like your wood 'to ' and moth

She eeees she eeees it
eeees she she she eeees

I want to see giraffe Toita
I want pataleen
to see who safa
stirring the mass
I 4 cup carrot with pumpkin

Your leads me flying through the field
despegao floor walking in sanco
with a basket of patanco
pa caminarle above to Balco
to reach out to your mountain
that heals the healer to me
There rumore out there that you ere to let go of what colore

A full and frijole huelto
long necklace with caracole adornao
your name came to me in between card
me what the target comet was told
to the bottom without flap
I left on the trip without case
to give full circle
to to the planet on a mat
shoe , shoe , shoe , shoe soles stomp
vamo to enrroscar washer
gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme some nutela
with you I am going without na the song .

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