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Proud To Be Loud



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Listen up good
I got a lot to say
I know what I want
And I get my own way

I call 'em as I see 'em
I don't play by the book
One dose of volume
That's all it took

I've seen it, I've done it
I've heard it before
Now it's my turn
To settle the score

I'll sing it, I'll shout it
I'll say it again
I don't care if they
Never give in cause I'm

Proud to be loud
Proud to be loud
You know I'm proud
Proud to be loud

Well I've alway believed
In freedom of speech
And I've always been the one
Who practiced what I preached

Love it or leave it
I'll give you the choice
But it'll snow in hell
Before I lower my voice

I live it, I breathe it
I gotta have more
It's full blast
And this means war

The power, the glory
Its callin' my name
I won't start to
Play their game cause I'm

Proud to be loud
Proud to be loud
I'm proud to be loud
And I'll never

Turn it down again no
Proud to be loud
Proud to be loud
I'm proud,

Proud to be loud

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