Meg Hutchinson

Letra de la canción

Now, that i have gone
I wish i'd stayed, a little longer
To wake up laughing ... in your arms
'cross the green acres of my heart,
You've let the horses run, and

Sirens in a november night, and
I tiptoe through this fragile life
The world is freezing outside
But i'm in it for the long ride

Just a child barreling through the tests
And i hope that all i borrow i can lend
And i hope that all i receive i can send
These strings the only things i understand

In, the amethyst waters of my mind
I have let the poet live, unjustified, and
My thoughts, like jet lines
On an evening sky
Parallel, yet always on two sides

And, if only in each day
I could learn to love, entirely, and
Sing myself from these,
From these trivialities


Meg Hutchinson
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