'Bad Boyz' de Barrington Levy (Shyne)


Now tell me who want to f*** with us?
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I bang - and let your fuc*** brains hang, snitches
F*** all them able bitches with riches
who carry 22's, up in they hosiery
A black teller when my father bust and unloaded me
Think he just finished sniffin a ki, and dippin the D's
Don't hate me, hate Nicky Barnes for hittin my moms
Letting the condom pop, ni*** I was born in the drop
Coke boil in the pot, shake the Feds
and bust shots at them street cops
F*** yo' point is? My point is double fours at your fuc*** jaws
Pointed, hollow point shit
Four-point-six, need I say more?
Or do you get the point bitch? C'mon

What type of ni*** slang and bang in the streets? (Bad Boyz)
What type of ni*** stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz)
What type of ni*** fly Bentley Coupes? (Bad Boyz)
Aim for the sky, cop the shit then shoot ..

Minks draggin on the floor - bangin on your whore
Suckin the croissant just examine it for flaws
Pour the Cristal on the way to trial, RICO law
got a ni*** head hurtin squirtin til they pull the curtain
Let the money drip dry, hundred dollar bills
wipe the tears from my eyes, no love
F*** y'all niggaz, hope you die a slow death
as I coke-test and see the lawyers talk of protest
Can't f*** with you weak rap niggaz, witcha gay raps
Runnin 'round talkin this and talkin that
See me in the streets, tried to give me dap
Andrew Cunanan ass niggaz
My two cannons blast niggaz, ass niggaz
Got me fuc*** up in the game, get your shirt stained
Keep your five mics ni***, give me the 'caine
Do the shit to clean my money dummies, gleamed the wrist out
Cop the pist-al, ni***, talk shit

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