Canción 'Land Of Eternity' del disco 'Forged by Fire' interpretada por Firewind

Land Of Eternity Letra y Canción


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LAND OF ETERNITY es una canción de Firewind del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Forged by Fire.


'Land Of Eternity'

Father, you helped us to build it right
Intruder, you destroyed the land's pride
Hunger, can't you see it in our eyes
Disaster all over

Brother, let's go thru bad times
Someday, we gonna see a light above
Anger, it's a passion in their mind
Unsecured all over

The land of eternity
Is beneath the sky
The land of eternity
You will never die
The land of eternity
Now begins to cry

A disgrace on you!
Our wounded hearts will never ever heal!

Mother, please tell us what to do
An angel, guiding us to the root
Sister, we gotta save our love and
Now pray for the children our future

We did follow the rules, we were not blind
They ranked us as, third world
These coins, aren't forever
And hearts without mankind
The wars will never end