Canción 'I Will Fight Alone' del disco 'Between Heaven and Hell' interpretada por Firewind

I Will Fight Alone Letra y Canción


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I WILL FIGHT ALONE es una canción de Firewind del año 2002, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Between Heaven and Hell.


'I Will Fight Alone'

Battles rage throughout hamlets and empires
Heroes die, legends are born
The righteous pray all through the eons
Still the evil unsheaths the sword

God of time keeps track of all the things
Gathers in the souls of the dead
A champion born, knight reincarnate

Fear, death, blood, flesh - my glory day is here
Over lords, raging hordes, the spoils of war are near

I will fight alone
Stand and face and army of one
I will fight alone
Until I'm overrun

Answer the cries of innocent children
Bury deep the overlords
The banner hails avenging warrior
Savior of a stricken world

Hear the seer's foretell my - lonely demise
Reap the sorceress angered - am still alive