Steve Vai


A droplet falls
Like a moment from forever
Precious, sweet and tender
As a baby's heart

Fall from grace
Into the raging darkness
Just to find the way
Back to its lover's arms

And through this fate they never understand
Just how endless the sea

In this never-ending world
Everything keeps on reincarnating
In this shapeless world
Something flashes through your head when
You close your eyes

It's hard to find
That silent peace of mind
They die to be

And when you find the something
Reach out your hand
No need to be afraid

Alive in an Asian sky
So high to forever fly

If you have fun with me
A beautiful light lights the way
Now what lacks is a little bit of courage
So please push this little back

And this God they don't understand
Why what is should be

I lose my shape and you lose your shape and
Both os us ascend to the sky beyond
And become the rain and fall to the Earth
And give life to a new beginning

Try to hide
In the Illusion that they fight
And die to be

And when the flower blooms
Give it a smile
no need to be alone