Imagen de la canción 'Speed Demon'

Speed Demon

Michael Jackson


I'm headed for the border
It's on my mind
And nothin' really matters
I've got to be on time
Look in the view mirror
Is he hot on my tracks
Is he getting nearer
I feel some heat is on my back

(Speed demon)
Speedin' on the freeway
Gotta get a lead way
(Speed demon)
Doin' it on the highway
Gotta have it my way
(Speed demon)
Mind is like a compass
I'm stoppin' at nothin'
(Speed demon)
(He say) Pull over boy and get your ticket right

And nothin' gonna stop me
Ain't no stop and go
I'm speedin' on the midway
I gotta really burn this road


Speed demon, you're the very same one
Who said the future's in your hands
The life you save could be your own
You're preachin' 'bout my life like you're the law
Gonna live each day and hour like
For me there's no tomorrow

Go! Go! Go! Aaow!


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Sobre Speed Demon

  • La Emoción de estar detrás del volante e ir a más de 100 MPH sin que nadie ni nada se interponga en tu camino. Incluso si la policía está justo detrás de usted y le pide que pare, usted no se detendrá o disminuirá la velocidad. Esta canción es sobre tener esa adicción a la velocidad.

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