Michael Jackson

Confusion Letra

Michael Jackson


Confusion (Letra/Lyrics)

you tellin' me,
your not the one,
i'm tellin' you,
you are
I want you girl,
but you won't come,
what on earth,
is wrong?
confusions hit me,
i said confusions hit me,
girl i want you,
by my side
You've proved yourself,
hard to get,
i ain't givin' up,
so quick
In love with you,
what can i do,
c'mon girl,
be mine
I don't get you,
you con-fus-ing,
but still you blow,
my mind
(chorus x2)
I'm so confused now babe, (oww)
so confused,
i'm so confused now girl,
so so so confused
(chorus x3, fading until end)

Datos de Confusion

CONFUSION es una canción de Michael Jackson.