Steve Vai

Just Cartilage - Letra

Steve Vai

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Strength pose
End all
Of the same
Just leave it alone
Talk soft, thick and warm
And I'll paint myself all smiles
For you to hold so close

Piston, in constant maintenance
So, swallow that cynicism boy
It's ruining my air boy
I'd be sleeping with it now
If you hadn't bit it's wrist to the marrow

Christ, it lies on the ground
Face down and bleeding
I know you won't have to tell me
All that you've found if it's
Just cartilage
I won't be there

Shake your head, no, because
It's beyond the wall
And it's beyond them all
And to listen to you
Is to bring the bastard close
To the damn thing

Christ, it lies on the ground
Face down it bled away
And you didn't tell me all that you found was
Just cartilage

Holy shit man!