Steve Vai

'Little Alligator' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Fire Garden.


I could read your mind and all its freakish desires
A full on femme fatale with an elegant face of fire
Through the haze of your senses and your defences
God only knows how long it is till you hit the bottom
But that's all right
I'll get you through paradise

Don't need your wings
For the Queen
Little alligator

From the fangs the poison is so sweetly injected
The words that fall from your tongue are so filthy
Your mouth must be infected
Not a man but not quite a lady
Hopelessly androgynous
Hell only knows how hot it gets down south of the border
But that's all right
Your secret is safe tonight

There is no shame
Glory and fame
For little alligators

In the jungle it's comin' down
For those who live in the lost and found
Can't mistake your attitude so heavy
Now get over here

You can hang your image in a brand new dimension
Cause I don't even think your mirror understands your reflection
But that's all right as long as you're not uptight
And in your brain
It's all the same

Little alligator