Shut Up And Make Love - Poison

Shut Up And Make Love


Letra, canción


'Shut Up And Make Love'

Drop the bass!
(do you like that?)
Shipped out on of knees
her old man thinks you're a social disease
dog pissed on the floor left a stain
your old lady's daddy driving you insane
she stopped taking the pill
then left you sued you for a mil
you've got your problems, boy so damn great
Can't find a good wife can't find a good job
can't find the keys to my car
i lost my dog i lost my brain
i lost my girl to a big movie star (whatever)
Now i'm standing at the crossroads trying to find my way home
but the truth is baby i'm so
lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
sometimes i'd just
like to jump in and get me some funky
when push comes to shove
you talk too much and way too rough
how 'bout we both shut up and let's make love
I'm home hangin', the walls bangin'
it's the neighbor next door
they're talking trashy or doing the nasty
they keep me up until four
So they keep on going more and more
i hear and said "lord, i'm half crazy"
i gotta get me some of that
in and out, and in and out,and in and out
When the clothes start flying
there's no denying
gonna get some funky
good, good funky
Your blood starts pumpin'
baby start somethin'
here oh right here, right here baby
oh give me a little bit of loving
It's all so simple
i'll bring the ripple
what's your state of mind?
How 'bout we drink, get drunk
<or bite into a big flesh pie???>
Alt chorus
when push comes to shove
skip your lip and all the politics
how 'bout we both shut up and let's make love
it would sound like this....

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Shut Up And Make Love



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