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So Happy Letra

Steve Vai


So Happy (Letra/Lyrics)

Ya know, Steve, I wish we could just always have fun, and never, never, ever have to be sad. And just always smile and laugh, and sing, and play. And just always be having so, so, so, so, so much fun. And, never cry, never be sad, never have to frown, never have anybody mad at us. Just always having fun; always laughing, and laughing loud, and getting other people to laugh, too. And have so much fun and never, never, never be sad for any reason. And if anyone would ever try to make us sad (or mad), we wouldn't be. Because we would just be too glad. And then we would make everyone else glad because our \"Gladdys\" would be so big, everyone else would have to be glad, too. And, Steve, I never, ever want to cry, and I know you don't either. And I hope that we will never, never have to cry. And if we just laugh a real lot, and laugh loud 'n' hard and long, we will never, ever have to cry. And if anyone tries to make us cry, we will make them laugh instead; we will make them glad and we will keep them from feeling bad, and we will never be sad, 'cause it's so fun to be happy, and I always want to be happy with you Steve, and I never want it to be a cloudy day. I always want the sun to shine. And even if one day the sun doesn't shine, we'll pretend the sun is shining. And we'll be so happy, and we'll just laugh and laugh anyway. And pretty soon, all the dark clouds will go away. Because we can't have those dark clouds, no! We will always be happy, and having fun instead. And if it should ever start to rain little drops of rain, we will pretend it isn't raining. We will go inside and pretend there's no rain, and sure enough, our gladness will make all the rain go away.

(\"They told me I was gonna get a balloon.\")

And, Steve, you and I are so happy; and, and, Steve, we will just take our happiness with us everywhere. We could go into bad neighborhoods where very sad and very bad people live. But we'd make them happy, and they would be sad or bad anymore. And we would walk the streets of the worst places in the world, and make everyone so happy. Why, why, we could go to New York, and make all the people in New York so happy. Why, we could even go to Tokyo. Why, Steve, we could go to all the big cities, all over the world, making people happy wherever we go. And make 'em laugh and make 'em sing.

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-. Make them sing. So many little, come on everybody sing along with me now; just everybody go, do-do do dodo do do, do-do-do; whatever you feel like singing; just go do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do do do do do, etc...

Datos de So Happy

SO HAPPY es una canción de Steve Vai del año 1984, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Flex-Able.