Letra de la canción

The eighth God day,
after as much working,
to release tensions,
soon already to review,
said: “everything is very well,
it is hour to rest ",
and it went away to give a stroll
by the sidereal space.

¿Who was going away to imagine
that he himself God when returning
was going to find it everything
in a infernal disorder?
and which one was going away to turn
an unemployed one more
of the rate than at the moment
it is growing without stopping.

From that then
there are some who have seen it
single in the streets journey,
walks hoping patient
by somebody with that at least
calm can talk.

Meanwhile, this world
turns and turns without being able to stop it
and here down a few
they handle to us like chess cards.

I am not the idiot class
who lets itself convince,
but say the truth,
and until a blind person it can see it.

If for want of occupation
or of excessive God
solitude it did not resist more
and one left to another place,
it would be our perdición,
would not be another remedy more
than to adore to Michael Jackson,
Bill Clinton or Tarzan.

She is but difficult to be king without crown
that one more a more normal, poor
person of God that does not appear in magazines,
is not model nor artist of real family.

Meanwhile… meanwhile…
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: LJDG (#18.386)

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