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1968 en inglés


'1968' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Peligro.


1968 (en inglés)

Tell me who knew
That was then life
He walked the world plan
to find freedom and reject
what modesty imposed on them
Abolish the oppressing ...
Tell me who encendia
all that revolt
Busttock and Luther King
Satre and Gagarin
That is what I missed
When I did not exist
Was it real or was lying

No fears liberate our dreams
and we will return those times ...

Tell me, came to nothing the
Prague Spring
Lennon, Mac Carthney, Che, Janis Joplin
Twiggy Ferre, Hendrix, Dubceek
and thousands of students
who stoned in the streets
Tell me long hair
and the Age of Aquarius
Hippies, a volcano
contrary to Vietnam
Joan Vaez, Yu Than
those dreams ideals
Flower Power symbols

No fears liberate our dreams
and we revisit those times
and now all the palms
as is ... ta, ta, ta ...

You're missing the spirit of yesterday
make up your mind to and if you do not want to be indifferent
ay up your mind, make up your mind and decides

Look no chance
make up your mind, make up your mind and decides
look there are none, it's time to act

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