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Antología Letra

To love you I need a reason
and it's hard to believe
that it doesn't exist another than this love
there is a lot left over inside this heart
To think of what they say...
wisdom comes with age
Pain is still felt...
because all the time I spent near you;
left its thread, woven in me.

And I learned to take out seconds from Time...
you made me see the sky deeper
I think I gained 3 pounds with you
with your sweet kisses you gave me
you developed my sense of smell and
because of you I learned to like cats.
You freed my feet from the pavement, so..
both could escape flying for a while

But you forgot one last instruction
because i dont know how to live without your love yet.

I learned the significance of a rose.
You taught me how to tell white lies
so I could see you at improper hours
and to replace words with a gaze.
And it was because of you that I wrote more than one hundred songs.
I even forgave your mistakes and
I discovered a thousand ways to kiss.
And because of you, I know what it is to love...
what it is to love

Datos de esta canción

ANTOLOGÍA es una canción de Shakira que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Pies Descalzos. Agradecemos a Angel Shalom por haber sudido la letra de Antología (en inglés).