Disquito - The Silence

The Silence Letra y Canción

The Cloves

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THE SILENCE es una canción de The Cloves.


'The Silence'

Out of all the things we know , but just cant seem to say
This is the hardest thing to say to you
I've known you for so long, these feelings growing stronger.
I know i gotta find a way to tell you (it's killing me)

Here i go again, tripping over the words i need to say
I know my will is wearing thin, please dont run away
When i tell you, that i love you

I remember the night we met, i could never forget your face
I walked you home after dark, no one else could take your place
That was a year ago, now i think you need to know
This thing i just cant say (these things i could never say to you)

(i cant tell you) but i can play it for you
(i cant tell you) i wrote this song for you
(i cant tell you) but im trying to show you
(i cant tell you) how much i really love....you