Disquito - For Amanda (the Walk)

For Amanda (the Walk) Letra y Canción

The Cloves

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FOR AMANDA (THE WALK) es una canción de The Cloves.


'For Amanda (the Walk)'

It's so cold out tonight (go on and take my sweater)
Just take your hand in mine
(baby, hold on forever)
Full moon glowing in your eyes
(i'm getting weaker)
Don't look back now, girl
(i have to tell you this)
Amanda, i never said this to anyone before
(it's getting too strong)
I just cant hide it anymore
Girl, im falling in love (falling in love, falling in love)
With you

The wind is blowing
(you shiver as i tell you the things i need to say)
Kinda like the night we met
(is that a tear in your eye?)
Then you throw your arms around me and say
(i love you too)