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The Cloves

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SORRY es una canción de The Cloves.



I should'nt have to say i'm sorry
For falling in love with you
It shouldnt be a crime for praying
That one day you'd love me too
But if you wanna hear me say it
...i'm sorry
Accuse me of the crime
....im guilty
Im sorry, for everything i've done
I was hoping that i would be the one
I was so focused on love, that in the end
I wound up losing my one true freind
Im sorry.....
I'm all burt out on tryin
Cant you see me crying
Love is blind, but i can see
I just want things back to the way they used to be
You turned on a light, when all the world seemed dim
When i needed jesus, you led me unto him
I know you'll never love me, and i'll admit its tough
But i know now in the long run, your freindship was enough
I shouldnt have to say im sorry, for saying "i love you" today
But i notice that it hurts you
So i'll say it anyway
"im sorry"