Disquito - Bloodlust & Broken Hearts

Bloodlust & Broken Hearts Letra y Canción

The Cloves

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BLOODLUST & BROKEN HEARTS es una canción de The Cloves.


'Bloodlust & Broken Hearts'

(he is...) sixteen years old and on anti-depressants
Can't figure out where his childhood went
Nothing in his life makes any sense
Tired of trying , his time is spent.
He just sits in his rom, cuts his wrists in the dark
Dreading every moment he's alive
Meets his freind in the city park,
Gives one hundred dollars for a .45
Tonight is the night, theres no turning back
His emotions are dead, his heart has turned black
Who couldve know it would come to this?
He writes one last letter to the ones who will miss him

Mom and dad, im sorry for everything i've put you through
Now i'm gone, life should be easier on you
Lock up my room, keep all my things in there
(you said) i deserved much better, but life isnt fair.
I had no will to live, now my life is through
Just remember this: ill always love you.

His parents wake up, they heard a shot ring out
Rushed up to his room, to see what its about
His dad turned away, he couldnt help but cry
His mom dropped to her knees, asking god why...........

They found the .45 , and the hole in his head
The police gave them a note, that he had nailed to his bed