Disquito - Two Weeks Of Heaven

Two Weeks Of Heaven Letra y Canción

The Cloves

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TWO WEEKS OF HEAVEN es una canción de The Cloves.


'Two Weeks Of Heaven'

This relationship is so overrated (i dont know how long i can take it)
I remember why i hated having a girlfreind ( i guess i should be leaving you tonight)
What the hell is tearing us apart (i think i know, i just cant tell you)
Who are they to tell us how to live (if i told you would you run away?)
.....here goes
I know it hasnt been that long (i can't control my feelings)
Just give me the chance to tell you (i hate to lose you)
I love you, i love you, i love you (are you happy now?)

Just take the time to soak it in (you're crying, is it really that bad?)
It will take some time to understand ( could you even know what love is?)
You throw your arms around me, whisper (i love you too, i love you too)
I wanna hold you here forever
(ill never leave you tonight)
Thats all i ever wanted , to hear "i love you too"
Please forgive my stalling, ill make it up to you
Tonight is the beginning, of the rest of our lives
The moonlight glistening, tears of joy reflected in our eyes
Chorus x2