Chronic Shnxman

Cappy Gun

Chronic Shnxman ft. HXRMAN


Cappy Gun Letra

Chronic Shnxman:
Im so bored im starting fights outside the club for fun
Don't know where I'm at, I'm not holding up
Feeling like a filthy piece of shit or sum
Bad luck got me good, couldn't give a fuck
Got my dick caught in my fucking zip it's stuck
Caught up in the teeth like a piece of gum Happy fappy shooting blanks like cappy gun
Yeah I'm bleeding out bleeding out bleeding out

I just took a shit on the floor in your mum's room
I just took a bitch, hit it raw, made a monsoon
Needa make amends, fuck for, could be gone soon
Could be bothered more, only friends hit my bong dude
Wrong way, I need long pay, eat the whole cake, ok, they ain't know jack; you a hoe mane
Hit the cone of chronic, ima pass it to my shnomane
Woah mane, you ain't no game
Why you acting?
Why you acting?
Why you capping?
Why you in my Dm bother me g while I'm fapping
Tryna Carpe diem
Why these peons always stay upon my dick
Tryna pray on my fall and parade when it hits
I'm a stain in this a ho
I ain't changing a bit
Make a stain out a foe
Leave a stain on your bitch