Chronic Shnxman


Morticia Letra

I'm playing and preying on pussies, while they tryna say that ima fucking insane

But maybe i should listen to the bitches that cry and whine about the shit that i say

Nah fuck it Im hating on nothing, if you pick up something, its your problem, just playing

Motherfucker with an unplugged jugular its that chronic bleeding pain
Yuh suffocating mane
Air bubbles in my vein
Im high can't feel no pain
Except when we dry, go a little strange

Dont make this harder than it already is
Im hard like graphite, hard like obsidian

Im swimming thru this sea of shit, ocean of blood, ocean of spit
Rub the wrong way, this ain't a clit, no scratch and sniff

Breaking these promises just like your lip
Ill bust your nose open just like a zit

Volatile, like jumping off this fucking cliff
My wingsuits shit and my chute is ripped
Base jump shit like based god said just try to stay positive
Well on my chest it says PMA to try to say im happy ok

Holding a potent potion about to hit the slow motion, im imposing on your clique
Pollyjuice potion like ima toy with emotions do you understand that im addicted
To this game of lames and pussy boys tryna say that theyre better me
Its not a competition, im efficient and work harder, work faster, im smarter they say

That legends never die
Im not worried bout the time
Magazine read the end is fucking nigh
Goodnight to this race of pedofiles

Shnxman season here