Dragging You Under The Ground de Chronic Shnxman

Dragging You Under The Ground

Chronic Shnxman ft. LeanLuke y Young Ghost

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Dragging you under ground
Dragging you under the under the ground

Broke boi, f*** a broke boy
Flexxing, looking like a lost toy
I succumb to the dark void, yeah I'm coming home
I'm shedding tears of blood and joy
Make it up like your make up
Nothing faker you a fake f***
God is dead, you shit oit of luck
It gonna hurt you like a mother f***

His horns encased in ice, his eyes are gone replaced by flies
His fists burn like a thousand suns, he drags your body under ground
He eats your fear and takes your body
Scalps your head, you're coffin foddy
Wears it like a fuc*** wig
Made up of your fuc*** skin

Dragging you under ground
Dragging you under the under the ground

Dragging you under the surface, it emerges
Submerging your flesh, you're uttering curses
Ain't it funny how sometimes your luck disperses
Bet you wish you'd listened to your mum and gone to church kid, shoulda worshipped
Shoulda been better, shouldna been dumb you shoulda been clever
Now you are under the ground like the cellar, what did i tell ya? All of these spirits are coming to get ya
Live in the nether, never seen things that are stranger, dead but they're making you deader
Baby whatever I'm tougher than leather, it's you should be worried bout spending forever
Under the ground, encased by the flames and burned like a witch at the stake
Every day regenerate, rinse and repeat, they're gonna punish you harder than me
Dragging you under the ground like my beats - I'm chronic as f***
Look at the track how I'm bombing it up, look at my piece that is not to be touched

Dragging you under ground
Dragging you under the under the ground

Quick slash to the jugular
Let me get this through your head
You were never gunna win this war, but that's what happens when you think I'm you're friend

I'm honestly fed up with all of this bullshit, why is it so crucial to have the last say

Your life means nothing and I've had enough of it so you can get dragged down or get the f*** up out the way

Click crack go your bones
The grind is so real I've been revoked to dust

Getting litty with the flames, heartburn, triple six, f*** a crucifix, all my pockets full of guts

Under the ground is the only way down
Under the ground you cannot hear a sound
Down down Down Down
Drag you down to the depths, watch you drown

Dragging you under ground
Dragging you under the under the ground

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