Chronic Shnxman


Chronic Shnxman


Flamethrxwer Letra

Got my pockets full of soggy buds and my blunts encrusted in rust
Slither like a snake into the face of the earth, shed my skin, shed my face, flood the room with rebirth
Tweaking off of 2 tabs and a half bag of bad, so sad I can't make it tomorrow, gonna suffer in bed
Peddle to the medal, my brain Flys past meadows to devils lairs where I have now settled
Don't you
Don't you see that we're burning up from both ends
I'm a flamethrower yuh spitting fire out my mouth
I'm a flamethrower huh vomiting on the couch

Dry it out
Scrape it up
Pack a bowl
Light it up
Smoke my sick, ethanol infused shit
And I
Pass out from the head spin
Let the poison rise up through my veins and into my skin
Blood pressure tension
Forgot to mention
I brought my henchmen
See my intention
Is on the offensive

Upon thy cross
Crucified above
Upon thy cross
Curse this earth