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I don't think that I am able to keep on without a crutch keeping me stable
Holding me like a cradle
Fragile, this could be fatal
Hoping that I can keep faithful
'Else I'll be meeting my maker
Given to death, I'm forsaken
Im satans slave and this is the path that I'm paving
Praying, nah I don't think I'll be praying
Nah, I don't think I'll be staying
What the f*** did you say, speak louder I cannot hear you over the pain that i obtain through my own fuc*** up vision of sane
Wait. Am I insane?
This isn't normal for anyone to be saying
Am I insane?

What's new?
Clutching onto hopes that I will not be a slave to my own predicaments inside
Some day I'll be free from lies
I tell myself every time I wake from sleep and nightmares play behind my eyes while I breath deep and run away like a fuc*** lunatic
Full moon tonight
Lycanthrope inside
Werewolf of desire, breaking down my mind
I'm a fuc*** flawed design, drain me, leave me out to dry
Pack your things up and leave this fuc*** place behind
Who the f*** am I?
Someone I don't recognise
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's this person in the hall?
What's this feeling in my soul?
Locked my feelings in the vault
Forgot the code and it's all my fuc*** fault
What's new?
I'm used to this
Aren't you?
This is something I can get through
I keep treading through the mud but it's stickier than glue
What the f*** do I do?

What's new?

Hold my hand, hold my hand
Don't leave me here alone again
I'm doing this to myself
I'm doing this to myself

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