Chronic Shnxman

Trash Gang

Chronic Shnxman


Trash Gang Letra

I got that trash gang in my front pocket
Posting pictures hoping for exposure
Posing pathetic
Face mask is looking aesthetic
You dont know
You dont know
Keep my clique on the low
We just keep it going
Ay we play life on the slow

Pop it, drop it low like a 808 slow heavy
In the trunk boom making earthquakes in my room
Got the chronic in a wood
Shnxman whipping up what's good
Shnxman zipping up the hood
Shnxman trash gang in my blood

Ay build it up
Now break it down
Octave low like davy jones
Heart is on the ground
Running out
Like my battery is dead
I'm so disconnected
Just plug it in my head

Trash gang

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