Face Recognition de Chronic Shnxman

Face Recognition

Chronic Shnxman

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Miscommunicated, got you waiting
You dont seem to see the sun is setting please
Walk away from these
Thieves inside the temple of disease
You deceased, saturation bleeds
You freeze, frozen in the breeze
Account is frozen by the fees
First they take your eyes
Make their next move a surprise
Where next do they slice
Open up a prize, pinata demise
Intestines, suffocating on your bile
Wrap it up like an 8 mile
Bury you inside the nile
Eyelids removed, arms gone
Im defiled

Mob hit mob hit
Mafia shit with the tommy gun clique
Youse john doe now
No face recognition bitch
You got whacked by the tommy gun clique
Dillinger shit
Outta jail free with no fees
Walk right out the penitentiary with the bs
Stars in the night
Tattooed on my knees
No god in the sky
I decide to believe
Agnostic or aethiest I'm playing this, no praying bitch, I'm displaying this vulgar power with hatred fueled fists and shit


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