Chronic Shnxman


Chronic Shnxman ft. Big Ferg LH


Powders Letra

Powder get you hyped up
Get you hyped up

Broke as fuck, I'm broke as fuck
Finna ruin someone's life just to get these bands up

Bitch sniff a bump off the wrist
Feel the drip, taste the shit
As your brain is fucking tipped
Powders take your lower lip
Drooling spit, talking shit
No substance
Just the shit inside my bloodstream
Must sustain my ordinance

Fuck a pill, i snort the stuff
Don't need a press, I'll crush it up
Dont need your friends, I have a squad
Slam crew shit, we fuck it up

Sniffies dripping down my lippy
Zippies ripping out of my dickies
Vomiting from all this running
Can't find me, shnxman has gone missing

Power get you hyped up
Get you hyped up

Look my face when you look me in the eye
Big ferg

On some motherfucking fuck shit
Big ferg, money splurge
More snow than an iceberg
Fuck what you heard
Walk round with my shit
Powder powder powder
Sell crack to my girlfriend's girl
Lower hutt slut
Crooks and blunts
Motherfucker, know whats up
It's that chronic, know man?
Know whats up
Hutt shit bitch
With the talk shit

Go to sleep

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