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Whoa just like falling snow
Shards of ice freeze up your nose
Yuh I can't feel my toes
Just cut me some Slack

Stuck to the ground like I'm selotape
Looking through you like thst selophane
So hard to talk cause I'm Hella baked
Frozen in time like I'm Timberlake
Spilling milk cause you ain't cried today
Go have a sook in your hideaway
Bitch if you think ima go away
Keeping crying kid cause I'm here to stay

Frostbite like cold and bitter winter withering away the weathers wisdom
Freezing time like my accounts, I'm broke as f*** but so ambitious
Vicious like a savage business
Dropping hits not nearly finished
Gotta bounce back, big sean shit i almost there give me a minute
I got some tracks, I got some drugs, dont want no fame just want the dub
Just want the funds
Just got some buds
I smoke it all and hit the plug
I want the bag
The bag of cash
The bag of bad
You pack the bowl
I'll line the racks

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