Round And Round (2019 Remix) Letra y Canción

Pink Floyd

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ROUND AND ROUND (2019 REMIX) es una canción de Pink Floyd.


'Round And Round (2019 Remix)'

It's always the same as always
Sad and tongue tied

It's got a memory and refrain
I'm afraid, you're afraid
And we die and we live
And we're born again
Turn me inside out
What can I say?
(Merry go round)

Up and around we go
Round and around we go
Break down, break down
You play air guitars for a fan
And I, I'll play the eardrums in the band
And I'll back you up as your frontman

"Hello? Oh, hi"
Now that sounds right frontman
Write the songs that say, "I like that!"
Hold on, I'm calling, calling back to the Bowl
And we'll…

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